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FOr the glory of christ

and the good of the river region

Riverside is a recently established Christ-centered congregation in Prattville Alabama. We're a Church made up of real people. Real people with a mix of strengths and weaknesses, good days and bad, hopes and fears, struggles and setbacks. We're also a people who have been promised and enjoying something we don’t deserve; the unmerited grace and love of God through Jesus Christ. It is this love that fills us with hope, joy, and zeal for this new work. A love that drives us to worship and to make much of our good and gracious God. It's a love that we hope you will seek out among us.


“I appreciate a church that historically wanted to be faithful without being schismatic. Because deep roots in the Reformed tradition are important to me. Because church is family, and here we are neither lost in the cogs of denominational politics nor retreating into practical independency. Because the ARP provides a place to stand (on Christ, in Scripture, in loyalty to the Westminster Standards), room to breathe (comparative freedom from kingdom-building mentalities), and an opportunity to grow (as the church looks to be faithful to the Lord into the future.)”  

 — Dr. Sinclair Ferguson, Author and retired ARP Minister “

"As a founding member of an ARP church plant, and as an elder, nothing has provoked me to grow more spiritually than to be associated with such a solid, Biblically-grounded denomination.”  

 — Bill Wolfe, Astronaut Instructor, Johnson Space Center